Southern New Mexico Thanksgiving

Southern New Mexico Thanksgiving

Finally. After years of talking about it, Kim’s sister made her way to New Mexico in season for a chance at seeing the Sandhill Cranes at the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge. While there, might as well visit the Very Large Array and other iconic New Mexico attractions including the Three Rivers Petroglyph site and White Sands. Take a look:

2 Replies to “Southern New Mexico Thanksgiving”

  1. You know they call the Sandhill the ‘ribeye of the sky’ — their breast meat being the most tasty of all migratory birds.
    We wouldn’t be shooting film to test that claim though…
    Bucket list hunt for me, have to come down and visit you during season, yea?

    1. Ha! I had no idea you could hunt them. They’re definitely a lot of them along the Rio Grande.

      I still think a Klain family Elk hunt in NM would be insanely good.