Kim’s Quest for Her PhD

Kim’s Quest for Her PhD

Nearly a decade ago, Kim was finishing her Master’s degree and decided she hadn’t quite suffered enough and committed herself to the pursuit of the elusive Doctorate degree. This past May the day of reckoning arrived and we were off to the University of Las Vegas for her defense.

En route, we stopped in Moab to race the Scott Enduro Cup, where the weather went from blistering hot to freezing cold and rain, and back to the beautiful sun. Despite all this, Kim managed to take third place and I only only suffered numb hands and feet.

Arriving in Las Vegas was full of nerves. Kim’s sister, Katie, was awaiting our arrival much to the surprise and joy of Kim. Nevertheless, her defense loomed heavy on Kim’s mind. Why though? Before, during and after her defense, it was clear by the comments of her professors that she had nothing to worry about and just like that, Kim became Dr. Kimberly Klain. It was OVER! Time to celebrate!

Now relaxed and happy, our next destination was a long way home stopping at such iconic places as Gooseberry Mesa and Zion National Park.

Despite being done in May, we had to wait until December to do the official graduation ceremony. Unlike Masters and Undergrad, Doctorate students get hooded to appoint them as ‘colleague’ with their professor counterparts. Back to Vegas we go!

Congratulations to Dr. Kim!