Trip Report: Walking till you find it.

Trip Report: Walking till you find it.

A few years back (OK, realistically closer to a decade now), I found myself walking a canyon that very few consider walking. I was with my mentor and as we passed a large canyon junction to our left, he pointed with his tripod and mentioned he never found the time or strength to find out what was up there. We both took a hot, mid-afternoon nap under a boulder and I watched puffy clouds pass over head wishing I had extra time to go find out. What was there? Anything? Or was it one of those rare, abandoned although beautiful places, untouched by modern and ancient people alike?

With the advent of the interwebz, the reality of finding anything “off the beaten path” becomes less and less likely with each passing moment. Nearly everything is online, including once very secret and word of mouth ruins. Is there anything left to discover?

Fast forward to now. I have two brilliantly strong friends willing to press on and my lovely wife eagerly looking for a desert ramble. The time had come to find out.

Am I the type to pour information earned onto the internet for others to follow? No. Rather, these photos are a testament that there are still places to find, wonders to enjoy, and to embrace the mystery, even when you think you cannot walk another step.

Enjoy–we bled and cursed to bring you these photos…