Photo Essay: Sun, Snow, Wind–Ride em’ Like you Stole em’

Photo Essay: Sun, Snow, Wind–Ride em’ Like you Stole em’

It’s no secret that New Mexico has some of the most unpredictable weather during the spring months. Despite this common knowledge, people must always test the Gods and establish outdoor events to tempt fate.

This past weekend was the Outside Bike & Brew Festival and the Santa Fe Century. Centered around cycling, beer, and having a good time, the weather decided to throw a few curve balls to test the commitment of attendees.

For us, the weather became the centerpiece of the story and created endless grins and grinds. We attended the Poker Run out at La Tierra trails and within the first 30 minutes of the ride a wall of wind and snow hit us with full force, turning the trails into small rivers of mud and coating us with a layer of ice and grit. While most bailed early, we pushed on to finish the route and end the day covered in greasy, Northern NM mud. Cold, wet, and happy.

Fortunately the following day cleared and gave way to a nearly perfect day of cycling. We rode the half-century and took a dirt route home on the cyclocross bikes. Carrying plenty of beer and lacking any gears, we kept turning heads of those riding their plastic wonder-bikes, churning away seemingly unhappy.  For us it was all grins all day.

The weekend was a great reminder that keepin’ it simple, great friends, and a good attitude is all you need for a damn good time. Drink up, and ride em’ like you stole em’.